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What do you do for a living? #honestyhour

Hey there. I think I'm being stalked by someone (an ex is what I'm thinking but there's no concrete evidence, just a gut feeling) and I was wondering if you have any spells to protect against this? I'm not sure what it would fall under. Thanks for your time!
Maybe im just being petty but i don't take some of these Beyoncé stan/fans seriously who say they love Beyoncé but will turn around and stan for rihanna. Like okay i get that you can like different people but how can you stan for both. Beyoncé is actually talented MUSICALLY(singing,dancing,performing etc) while rihanna gives you 3-4 catchy songs and some cute(sometimes basic ass) outfits....I don't get it


I don’t get it either. she’s an instagram account with a record deal I don’t understand the appeal.  

Get the fuck outta here. For a good half of her career Beyonce was propped up by backup singers (Michelle, Kelly, Latavia and etc) to build an empire only to compromise it to be “Yonce”